Monday, November 10, 2014

Photos of the Fankanta demonstration farm

The Fankanta demonstration farm is a place where people can come and learn how to grow food without needing to use hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.  Fankanta literally means "prepare yourself" and it is here where people can learn to become more self reliant - to grow food without needing to purchase inputs.  We've all worked extremely hard at Fankanta to get the plants growing well and I wanted to use this post as a photo gallery to show some of the beautiful crops at the demonstration farm.

A bed of Clemson Spineless okra

Upland rice

Okra and corn planted by people who had come to the center for training

Mint in various stages of growing back after being cut. To the right is corn.

Mint with corn behind it

A row of newly planted moringa saplings to the left with corn on the right.

Cucucmbers, corn, watermelons, and bunching onions are all visible in this picture.  We were experimenting with trellising for some of the cucumbers.

Compost windrows from our compost program.

View from up high of the farm.  The foreground is filled with very young citrus, sugar apples, sapoteys, coconuts, and moringa.  There are also some older citrus, mangoes and bananas visible.  In 5 years time or so the area should be a dense orchard.  The annual crops are in beds both in the visible background and behind the trees on the left.